If you are outside of California please utilize Childcare Aware of America to find your states specific resources. The Deacons List will be a general check list when touring a childcare or preschool and although there are a few documents specific to California Childcare options it is a great resource to take into any facility you choose to tour for your child regardless of state.

The video Below is Specific to California Parents. This video will walk you through the CDSS Licensing site which can be quite confusing. I hope this helps it is about 10 minutes but well worth it.

Should I take off my child’s teething necklace? The answer is yes. Baby’s are getting injured, and in my case dying. In 2018 the FDA and AAP put out a warning against them and due to the fact it was proven baltic amber has no benefits and all risk after the Texas Children’s Hospital did a study that showed unless child’s temp is 392 fahrenheit the healing oils do not ever release. CLICK TO READ