Hey there Mama Creators!

I have been working with some awesome brands that have some amazing products and opportunities coming up. They are looking for new and upcoming creators to work with. We would love to learn more about you to see where you may be a fit in creating content no matter what size your following is.

Clean Teeth Crazy mamas

I am currently looking for new and upcoming mom creators who are passionate about oral health and making it fun for their littles. This product simple design allows parents and dentists to monitor, reward and coach kids to form better brushing habits which is a big step towards a healthy and happy life. It is our desire to build low cost products that are accessible to as many families as possible.

Application LIVE

New To Market BreastPump

Coming soon! Opportunity for my new nursing mamas. This new innovative breast pump is affordable and will optimize your milk output. This company is more than just a breast pump company but is looking to build a community by offering Lactation support when mamas need it most.

Application coming soon

Got Stretch Marks

Opportunity on the horizon. Looking for mamas who want to see those stretch marks fade. This is a product I personally use and can’t wait to share. This brand is looking for content creators who do not mind showing the use of the product.

Stay Tuned for Application